Al's Diary

Al kept a diary from time to time during his long and varied career. Some of the more absorbing and enlightening entries are available here.

Lessons from Otis Spann, Little Beaver, and Herbie Flowers.

1997: Al on where and when the Muse shows up.

1997: The legend of the Brill Building may be hard to swallow...

1997: Tour Pranks: Magic Fingers

1999: Brian Wilson brings the house down.

1999: That copyright thing.

1999: Performing at the Memphis Blues.

2000: Al's 100 Best Recordings.

2001: Burning CD's back in the day.

2001: Kooper on Napster.

2001: Medical stories from the chair and bed.

2001: Al goes to a Norwegian Blues Festival

2002: On the passing of Andy Kulberg

2002: Al on the cover of Goldmine!

2002: The place Al has lived.

2003: Al hits the convention trifecta. Seals?

2003: Al plays in Japan: they love Al.

2003: Paul Schaeffer collapses singing Al's song...

2004: Al is almost a Funk Brother

2004: A fantasy about the music biz.

2004: Interview with Steven Meyer.

2005: Richard Roeper loves Sweet Home Alabama.

2005: Scorcese's Dylan movie.

2007: Fan mail for Al.

2007: Getting the Les Paul Award.

2007: The Rock Walk of Fame.

2008: Inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame.

2008: Album White Chocolate Released.

A Hyde Park Concert in Merrie Old England