2002: Rapscallion Residences

I thought it might be interesting and humorous to list 15 former residences and see if anyone lived in ‘em or nearby. Contact me if you have a good story about any of these... Here goes:

  1. 75-34 198th St. (right off Union Turnpike) 11427 in Queens NY. Our first residence as pioneers from Brooklyn. I think I was four.
  2. 80-07 214th St. (right off Union Turnpike) 11427 in Queens NY. a little up the turnpike. Our only house. Just for a few short years as Mom was preggers, but lost the baby.
  3. 80-35 Springfield Blvd (right off Union Turnpike) 11427 in Queens NY. a little more up the turnpike. We lived here the longest in various apartments in this monolith called Cambridge Hall. This was the last residence I lived with my folks and the last residence my folks lived in together.
  4. 201 W.77th St NYC NY- a very short stay in my first marriage mid-60’s. A short leap to Needle Park.
  5. 140 Waverly Place - a rat-filled, electrically unsafe Greenwich Village residence that held me up in The Blues Project.
  6. 101 West 12th Street - a much nicer residence in the Village that kept me through “I Stand Alone,” “You Never Know Who Your Friends Are” “New York City” & “Easy Does It”. Home of my second marriage.
  7. 110 E. 84th - my wild bachelor daze. I kicked drugs in this apartment. “A Possible Projection Of The Future” took place here. My last NYC residence. I moved away in 1972.
  8. 975 Heards Ferry Road in Sandy Springs, GA. A lovely house by the woods that I ran Sounds Of The South out of and lived in as well. A Rolls Royce and a Corvette sat in the driveway. Lynyrd Skynyrd used to go to McDonalds in the Rolls Royce. Governor Jimmy Carter used to rent it to have Washington dignitaries picked up at the airport. I thought these were my wildest days until:
  9. 1651 Haslem Terrace (off Sunset Plaza Drive) in Lost Angeles. My first California residence. I got it as David Cassady moved out. Lived there for a year, then Ringo rented it. Took some Skynyrd money and bought a house in Coldwater Canyon.
  10. 9528 Dalegrove Drive (off Coldwater Cyn) The Freebird Mansion. Bought it, completely redid the interior as bizarrely as one can imagine and kept it for 2 1/2 years under very poor management. Went a little more modestly to:
  11. 3558 Cody Road in Sherman Oaks CA. My landlady was Rene Russo’s mom (small world) began to get ready to leave the country with Reagan-fear.
  12. 1A Chesterfield Street London England. A five flight walk-up over the trendy club RAGS (scene of Ringo Starr's wedding to Babs Bach (A Queens gal) A fairly miserable existence outlined in my book. Moved to an attached house in Golders Green but cant remember the address. Back to the USA.
  13. Austin, Texas - a rented condo for a year. Nice town, great music, no money.
  14. Back to LA - a series of homes (all rented) West Coast Head of A&R for Polygram Records. Signed Richard Thompson. Finally fed up with LA AND the entire music biz. Quit it all and retired to Nashville, TN.
  15. 1620 Stokes Lane in beautiful then-inexpensive Green Hills landed me a beautiful home for an amazingly low price in 1989. Short scene of my third marriage. A wonderful seven years of making new friends, playing with great musicians and dating way too many singer-songwriters. Seven years was enough retirement for anyone so back to work in.
  16. Boston - where I currently reside since 1997. I no longer teach at Berklee because of too much vision loss, but I am ensconced pretty heavily here. Spend about half the year in beloved NYC. Beginning to play more concerts each year starting in 2002 - Okay...thass all!