Kooper Articles and Interviews

A small selection of interviews with and articles about Al.

Open Vault WGBHMusic Afficionado's Mitchell Cohen on Al
Mitchell goes over the music that he thinks is essential to understand the Al Kooper legend.
(Lots of popup sales messages you can get past.)

Open Vault WGBHRock and Roll: Shakespeares in the Alley; with Al Kooper
Interview by WGBH Radio. Has transcript as well as video. Al tells lots of great history with characteristic honesty and clarity. There are four parts to this.

Songfacts Intervew
A short, interesting talk with Al that covers his thoughts about the state of music, rather than history.

Rick Mason of City Pages
in the Twin Cities holds a wide ranging interview with Al: Dylan, Conan, Hendrix, and lifetime in the music business.

The Doctor of Rock and Roll
Back in 2003, Rick Skidmore of Jambands, did a solid interview with Al.

Sound on Sound
Article by Dan Daley from 2005, with good depth and insight.

2005 Interview on release of Black Coffee.

Fresh Air
Al talks with Terry Gross about his version of This Diamond Ring, versus the Playboys version, among other things.

Compared to What Podcast
Charlie Hunter does a cool, extended discussion with Al which covers ground not covered elsewhere, such as finding and producing Skynyrd.

Bruno Cerotti
This an obsessively complete article on the founding and later happenings of Blood, Sweat and Tears. Bruno has found some very cool newspaper clippings and ads for band appearances.