There are about 120,000 Al Kooper videos on YouTube. Many are just people putting up his music with a few still images, just nice tributes. Here is a small group of Al's interviews and lectures, and two at the end where others talk about Al. Starts out with younger folks discovering Blood Sweat and Tears.

The Must Hear, First Time folks delight in hearing I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know for the first time. You will enjoy it along with them.

Amy Winehouse doing "I love You More than You'll Ever Know."

Long video where Al talks and plays in a relaxed session. Video starts with the host doing a song; Al starts at about 4 minutes.

Al having fun with Art Fein and his Rock and Roll quiz. This is great.Test yourself against Al.

Al Kooper and John Hammond talk about the greatness of Jimmy Reed.

Long lo-fi video of a class lecture where Al tells good stories about making Blonde on Blond (starting about 26 minutes in.).

Al Kooper mini-documentary produced for the Mix Foundation 23rd Annual TEC Awards in NY, October 2007.

Live video from 1994 of Al Kooper and Friends doing Somethings Going On.

With John Mayall, Al on guitar trading licks with Mayall. 1980s?

In this short, totally candid piece, Al talks straightup about playing with Dylan and knowing Blonde on Blonde was making history. From the Scorcese movie, No Direction Home.

Andrew Loog Oldham delivers a far out tribute to Al for his induction into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame.

Al wants this video included, even though it didn't go all that smoothly.