2003: Paul Schaeffer on Letterman

Every Friday night on the Letterman show, Paul Shaffer sings my song I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU'LL EVER KNOW, and faux-collapses onstage James Brown style during the fade. Each week, a special guest trots out and places a cape around Paul, JB-style, comforting him towards offstage.

Cape holders in the past year have included Donald Trump, Nathan Lane, Solomon Burke, Bill Murray, George Pataki, James Brown himself (!) Don Rickles and many others. It usually happens after Dave has interviewed the headline guest. The band goes into the song, they cut to commercial and then return to the cape-antics after the commercial. Then during the NBA play-offs, when a few teams were in the 4th quarter throes of an inescapable loss, the strains of I CANT KEEP FROM CRYIN SOMETIMES, came wailin' outa the TV speaker. I am extremely flattered by all this unsolicited TV coverage although in disbelief as well. Thanks to those behind the scenes, who see fit to play my music!

Below it is Letterman who brings the cape...