2002: Andy Kulberg

Andy Kulberg and Al Kooper

The first thing is that I lost a dear friend this morning. Andy Kulberg, bass-player/flautist of The Blues Project passed away today. He was amazingly talented, one of the sweetest people I ever met, and the bearer of a wonderful sense of humor. I wrote "Flute Thing" specifically for him to play in 1965, the year we met. We have been close ever since. After The Blues Project, he founded the band Sea Train and then ran a successful music scoring agency for the rest of his life. He lived to play good music and he sho nuff did that. He was originally from Buffalo, New York and lived in Fairfax, California for at least the last twenty years. He died of lymphoma. In the end, his body was not able to manufacture blood properly. The doctors gave him notice a week ago and he died peacefully at home, surrounded by friends & family.

After handily surviving the removal of a benign brain tumor myself on November 12th, a protracted, painful recovery ensued until about last week. There are now moments of pain throughout the day but no intense pain as in the first six weeks. Now it's just a question of building back my strength and endurance. I was extremely saddened that I was not able to visit Andy this last week but I have to gain my own strength back slowly but surely. Andy & I joked on the phone last week that with my brain surgery, his lymphoma and Danny Kalb's recent heart attack we are finally, truly, The Blues Project. While Danny & I recover, we will truly miss our blues brother; the likes of which we will never see again. Amen......