2005: Scorcese's Dylan Documenatary

Scorcese's Dylan Documenatary

On September 26th & 27th, PBS will broadcast Martin Scorsese’s long awaited four hour Bob Dylan documentary. It will be screened in two 2 hour parts, one each night. Although I have not seen Part 2 yet, many insiders have have sent e-mails saying how much they enjoyed my on-screen participation in Part 2. In a rare marketing coup, the DVD will be available everywhere on September 20th, nearly a full week before it’s debut broadcast. Only Dylan could pull something like this off! On August 30th, the soundtrack album, a two-disc affair with 26 unreleased tracks on it, will be released with liner notes by that new literary tag team Andrew Loog Oldham and Al Kooper.

This is the most exciting Dylan album in decades. If you are a fan from the early years through Blonde on Blonde, you MUST have these CDs! Incredible out takes and alternate takes from Highway 61 and Blonde on Blonde plus a track from the infamous “electric” Newport Folk Festival performance forty years ago this summer. Start saving your money - the DVD and the CDs are must-haves, in my twisted opinion. Soooooo, to wrap up, keep an eye on the LIVE section of the web site to see the various incoming new live gigs coming up. The lyrics to Black Coffee are up on the lyrics page under WORDS and we will soon have all the reviews from the various publications on-site under WORDS as soon as a few more key ones are made available to us.