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Time to order Al’s first solo album in 30 years. All copies available autographed NOW ! This four-star
album that Al says “May be the best one I’ve ever made,” includes:
1. My Hands Are Tied
2. Am I Wrong
3. How My Ever Gonna Get Over You
4. Going Going Gone
5. Keep It To Yourself
6. Get Ready
7. Imaginary Lover
8. Green Onions (Live in Norway)
9. Another Man’s Prize
10. Childish Love
11. Got My Ion Hue
12. Just For A Thrill
13. Comin’ Back In A Cadillac (Live In Norway)
14. (I Want You To) Tell Me The Truth

With his band The Funky Faculty in tow, Al fears no genre or musical boundary. Every base is covered as Al crosses the plate fourteen times in a row to the cheers of critics worldwide:

".....At 61, almost no one alive has lived as much rock 'n' roll history as Mr. Kooper in his assorted lives as performer, producer, sideman, songwriter, author, talent scout, enthusiast, critic and muse...."
New York Times - July 3rd 2005

"....The first thing you want to do after listening to this CD is listen to it again—which is about the strongest endorsement an album can get. Al Kooper’s voice has been sorely missed all these years...."
Vintage Guitar

"... Kooper reminds us that he is a major talent from the revelatory songwriting, to the nuanced world-weary singing to the ease in which he plumbs the subterranean depths of his soul and comes up with sheer gold. A career-defining work…..” (4 Stars)"
MOJO magazine. UK

Chalk “Black Coffee” up as a major comeback from one of the most vital musicians and most fascinating characters of his generation.
Kevin O’Hare – Newhouse News Service

"... It's a special kind of set from a rock survivor you should pay some attention to, especially if you care about what rock in the contemporary era is all about. Trust me, it's not just for dinosaurs."

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