KooperRadio: New Music for Old People

Backstage Passes & Backstabbing Bastards: The Autobiography of Al Kooper Al's new radio show, "New Music for Old People" IS ON THE AIR on wvvy.org, Martha's Vineyard Radio. The show debuts each Sunday at 11am and is repeated each week at 11pm on Wednesday nights.

For the convenience of non-Vineyard residents, the show will also be available as a podcast. The link to play the podcast is right on the wvvy homepage.

Every week Al monitors new releases which are displayed online in 30-90 second samples (depending on where you go to download). Al has been loyal to iTunes since 2003 when they first began doing this.

So for the past 15 years, Al has built up a formidable collection of wonderful, albeit not-well-known musics. This is a chance to share these treasures with anyone ready to listen on a weekly basis.

The amount of hip-hop music included is approximately 2% as Al is 74 years old and hip-hop music was never really directed towards people his age.